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our story.

It all started with a fascination with computer games, it always was computer games when you were younger…

Remembering how everything just turned on, beeps and boops sounding off as the computer turned on.

Magic colored pictures appeared on the screen, just like TV, but this one you could control.

Thanks to my uncle who babysat me with video games that I ended up on this path that I am now.

Growing up with technology has made me realise how much we depend on the interconnectedness of everything around us, how it’s affected our lives, the way we do business, how we work, how we learn and pretty much everything we do.

Going through high school I was exposed further to more games which soaked up a lot of my free time, in hindsight it was probably best to learn more things that would contribute to my future, but they were very fond memories.

Learning about computers in school was a lack-luster experience, nothing taught was applicable to what was about to come when you jumped into the work force, that’s why I chose to go and earn/learn through an IT academy.

There I learnt about the Microsoft Windows and Server operating systems, basic hardware and networking skills.

A majority of it was redundant in the end, but it built a foundation of knowledge and applicable skills that could be used in the future.

I was ready to go, and drive was at an all-time low… the job search began… 1 year, almost 1 whole year later, I had my break, after going through a year of doing the bare minimal in job search/hunting, playing games non-stop, and general laziness of the young adult who didn’t really care about anything, I got a job.

Thanks for the kind team at New Era IT for giving me the chance that I needed to pursue a career in IT.

Going back into schools to work was something I didn’t plan on doing, but do not regret at all.

Being able to learn in that type of environment where you are under pressure, have different priorities, dealing with different day to day tasks, it built the skill set I needed to have become successful at what I do.

The exposure to new technologies, how the cloud influenced change, keeping on top of knowledge and getting certified/qualified, and working with a great team had made me want to contribute more and make sure that I could do something that would make an impact.

That’s when I decided that I needed to take things into my own hands, deliver the service I want to deliver, deliver the experience I want to deliver, and deliver the type of business that people needed, a full IT services business that delivers the best solutions and services that are tailored for you.

The rest was history…

our vision.

With the start of EONS, I envisioned a company that would be an IT partner for everyone.

Not just an IT services provider, but a true partner that wants the best for your business.

We aim to be the best services provider for our customers, our clients, our partners.

We want to help you leverage technology in the best way possible to help your business grow and go where it needs to go.

We also want to be the company that helps our team become the best that they can be by enabling them to do the best job that they can do, grow to be the best person they can be, and give them opportunities and experiences that will help shape their future.

Being a family owned business, we know the value of family and the time it takes to build one, so helping our team put their families and well-being first is of most importance.

Another important part of our vision as a company is to help our local communities, charities, and donating to worthy causes because helping those in need is the right thing to do.

Being able to contribute back to society in the way of philanthropy will help us stay humble and value the work that we do as it will always be for the benefit of others.

our values.


Having the right knowledge and knowing how to apply it is important.

We don’t want to be fluffing about and making uninformed decisions for everyone.

Knowing our core services and solutions and how they apply to your business is of great importance.

We aren’t headless chickens.

we know.


Our emphasis on continual learning is that you are forever a student of life, you’ll never know everything and there is always someone else who knows more, has done it before, has experienced it before, and thus can impart their wisdom for you to learn from.

It also helps our team stay on top of new technologies, continually improving our services and solutions, and provides our team with many opportunities to better themselves.

If you aren’t capable or learning, adapting or evolving for the future, you’ll be stuck in the past.

we learn.


At EONS, commitment is our key to success.

We never do things half-heartedly.

We always commit fully to the cause or problem at hand and deliver the absolute best that we can.

Without full commitment you’ll probably never finish the job, get the qualification, or get what you want from life.

That’s why commitment is an important value at EONS because it shows that we will always follow through completely.

we commit.


Care about our partners, customers, team and others is the right thing to do.

Care in everything we do from the most mundane tasks to the most complex.

Care in the way we do business.

Care in the way we represent ourselves.

we care.

we are here for you.

let us know what we can do to help