expert advice every time.

Not having the right person, team or partner with the right knowledge and experience will make your decisions difficult and uninformed when it comes to technology in your business. 

Get a team of experts with the right knowledge and experience to help you make the best decision with your business in mind.

why a consultant.

A consultant is someone who is an expert in their chosen field. 

With a vast knowledge of the available technologies, years of experience under their belt, qualified and certified in their niche, a consultant is there to help you make the best choice for your business.

Our team aims to help you make the right decision every time. 

We will always ask the what, how’s and why’s to properly understand your unique problem, know exactly what you want as an outcome, and deliver a solution that puts the fire out.

simple steps to problem solving.

What is the problem that you currently have?

Why is this a problem and what impact does it have on your business?

How are you going to solve this problem?

Based on these questions, you’ll then go down the route of identifying causes and fixes, develop solutions and processes to resolve these and address possible future concerns, then monitor, develop and improve the solution or processes over time.

But what if you could skip all this and all the time you need to waste in solving a problem you know nothing about?

We have dealt with many problems before and know what we need to do to fix your IT problems. 

Whether it be big or small, don’t waste your time learning about things that you shouldn’t need to know about because you should focus on what your main priorities are.

What does a server do? 

What type of wireless do we need? 

Which tools should we implement for our team? 

We’ve reviewed and utilised many products and solutions.

We’ll be able to implement anything technology-wise that you may need in your business.

We believe that understanding the problem and knowing exactly what to do is what you are after.

our values.

Straight from our about page. The values that we uphold.


Having the right knowledge and knowing how to apply it is important.

We don’t want to be fluffing about and making uninformed decisions for everyone.

Knowing our core services and solutions and how they apply to your business is of great importance.

We aren’t headless chickens.

we know.


Our emphasis on continual learning is that you are forever a student of life, you’ll never know everything and there is always someone else who knows more, has done it before, has experienced it before, and thus can impart their wisdom for you to learn from.

It also helps our team stay on top of new technologies, continually improving our services and solutions, and provides our team with many opportunities to better themselves.

If you aren’t capable or learning, adapting or evolving for the future, you’ll be stuck in the past.

we learn.


At EONS, commitment is our key to success.

We never do things half-heartedly.

We always commit fully to the cause or problem at hand and deliver the absolute best that we can.

Without full commitment you’ll probably never finish the job, get the qualification, or get what you want from life.

That’s why commitment is an important value at EONS because it shows that we will always follow through completely.

we commit.


Care about our partners, customers, team and others is the right thing to do.

Care in everything we do from the most mundane tasks to the most complex.

Care in the way we do business.

Care in the way we represent ourselves.

we care.

always here for you.

feel free to reach out to us with any query, big or small, complex or simple, we are here to help