infrastrucure & networking.

the backbone of your technology.

Depending on your business requirements, you will need to invest in networking equipment to provide connectivity to your business infrastructure. 

If you have a need for a specific application, database, or internal infrastructure, you may need a server. 

This will serve/host files, applications, databases and many other things you may need in your environment.


Servers host/serve your critical business applications, data and files.

They can also provide critical networking services if required. 

They come in different form factors (tower, rack, micro server, etc), specifications (CPU, RAM, hard disk, network ports, etc) and operating systems to accommodate all types of businesses – from small offices to large enterprises. 

If you have a requirement for an onsite server there is definitely one that can be made for you. 

A server will host your files, data or applications so you are able to access it from another device, either locally or remotely. 

There are a multitude of ways your data is served and accessed so let us know if you have any specific requirements that your business have that may require a server.


Networking hardware covers a broad range of devices. 

These devices enable you to connect to the internet, get a wireless connection, print, and talk to everything else on you network and the internet. 

The core devices that will make up a network are routers, switches and wireless access points. 

  • Routers – connect you to the internet. Some of these are multi-role devices and include firewalls, built-in switches or even full-fledged UTM appliances (refer to Cybersecurity).
  • Switches – connect everything else (computers, VoIP phones, servers, printers, IP cameras, wireless access points, routers, etc)
  • Wireless Access Points (WAPs) – provide wireless connectivity to wireless enabled devices (laptops, mobile phones, etc)


Without these devices your business would not be able to connect and communicate with the wider web which could be providing you with essential business technologies.

making it all work.

We have extensive experience in setting up networks and infrastructure from scratch, migrating existing systems, and rebuilding/improving systems for small businesses to large secondary schools.

Getting everything working and in the most optimal way is in our DNA.

We always go above and beyond when helping others to get their IT right. 

Let us help you with your IT needs and we’ll make sure you get what you need for your business.

get it done right.

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